About us

Watkinson Website Development was created in 2011 by David Watkinson as there was a shortage of high quality, all in one and secure website developers. We had worked with many companies where we found that all of their previous developers simply used the cheapest host they could find to host the company website. This resulted in very slow loading speeds and no security at all, which in turn resulted in frequent attacks, hacks and lots of spam. A better solution was needed and we were more than happy to provide that solution.

Our team is co-located within Europe and Asia, allowing us to serve customers all over the globe within all timezones.

Our Server

While most other developers use cheap or shared hosting, we have always saw it as vital to have our own server which we can control. This allows us to ensure that our customers receive the best possible performance and security. Our philosophy is “performance and security without compromise”.


Our server now consists of a whopping 24 processors, 16 GB of RAM, SSD Hard Drives, backup network connections and 3 connections to the internet backbone. All this provides premium performance and extensive reliability for every website, no matter how many visitors are trying to load the website.

On Friday, April 09, 2010 Google announced that it was now using speed as a metric when judging the quality of a website and its contents. Other search engines shortly followed.

Benefits of speed extend far beyond just search engines. A number of studies have been conducted which found that faster websites have the following effects:

  • Increased perceived credibility – Study: Fogg et al. 2001
  • Increased perceived quality – Study: Bouch, Kuchinsky, and Bhatti 2000
  • Perceived to be more interesting – Study: Ramsay, Barbesi, and Preece 1998
  • Perceived to be more attractive – Study: Skadberg and Kimmel 2004
  • Less frustration – Study: Ceaparu et al. 2004
  • Lower blood pressure – Study: Scheirer et al. 2002
  • Higher conversion rates (more sales) – Study: Akamai 2007
  • Lower bailout rates (fewer lost sales) – Study: Nielsen 2000


Having our own server also allows us to add as much security measures as we like and our server includes many layers of security to ensure our customers are fully protected.

Our security includes:

  • Daily server updates
  • Weekly website updates
  • Scanning every file submitted to a website before it goes live
  • Scanning all files on all accounts each evening
  • Rule based detection of exploit attempts, blocking the offending IP perminantly
  • Blocking known bad bots and user agents
  • Checking visitors IP against blacklists
  • Blocking IPs with multiple failed login attempts


We monitor our servers so that we can see how well it performs when accessed from different locations around the world. If our server does not respond quickly enough, our team is notified and investigates the issue.

In The Public Eye

During the years that we have been working online, we have appeared on TV, in newspapers, magazines, books, speaking at expos and in the credits of an award winning movie.

imag article - About us

iMag Photography (Magazine)

July 2014

Project: BusinessOnline.ph / Watkinson Website Development
Country: Philippines (distributed globally)

We were asked to write an article for iMag Photography, a leading photography magazine. Within the article we discussed the terms of social networks and how they require a license for your images to be surrendered when submitted.

Philippine Inquirer (Newspaper)

March 24th 2013

Project: BusinessOnline.ph / Watkinson Website Development
Country: Philippines

On March 24th 2013, Ms Tessa Prieto-Valdes launched her website and included a nice mention of our business and services within her column in the Inquirer newspaper both the printed newspaper and their website.

inquirer - About us
thelma sm - About us

Thelma (DVD)

February 2013

Project: Thelma
Country: Philippines (sold globally)

Working with Time Horizon Pictures, we were asked to create the DVD for the award winning indie movie Thelma. This project included creating chapters from the movie master and designing the DVD menu. Our names are included within the DVD sleeve under “special thanks”.

The Medyo Late Night Show (TV Show)

May 28th 2012

Project: BusinessOnline.ph / Watkinson Website Development
Country: Philippines (syndicated globally)

We were invited to be a guest on the Medyo Late Night Show in Manila, Philippines on May 28th 2012. The episode has been broadcast at least 3 times that we know of.

pifbex sm1 - About us

Philippine International Food & Beverage Expo

March 1st-4th 2012

Project: BusinessOnline.ph / Watkinson Website Development
Country: Philippines

PIFBEX is an expo centered on the food and beverage industry in the capital Manila. We were invited to be an online partner. We received a booth and a speaking position within the expo.

School Internet Presentation

January 2012

Project: BusinessOnline.ph / Watkinson Website Development
Country: Philippines

We were asked by Elizabeth Seton School to give a presentation on the internet and how it works. This covered the basics of design, domain name servers and the connections between the school and our server.

Elizabeth Seton School - About us
mantraUANG sm - About us

mantraUANG (Book)

November 2008

Project: wp-Member, WordPress Membership Plugin
Country: Indonesia (sold globally)

Written in Indonesian by the talented Aldian Prakoso, mantraUANG is a book covering the topic of how bloggers can monetize their content and generate income. Aldian Prakoso contacted us in 2008 to ask if he could interview us and talk about wp-Member, our WordPress Membership Plugin.


The history of Watkinson Website Development is also my history. I began working within retail as a supervisor and over time I worked my way up the ladder to deputy manager. While I was doing this, I was also working as a freelancer, building up my experience and eventually starting my own company.

During the times that I worked within the retail sector, we were experiencing some of the most turbulent times that the sector had seen. Scores of stores were closing or going into administration. As such, the length of time I was with each company was fairly short.

Warner Bros Studio Stores (UK)

2002 – 2004

Starting as a temporary member of staff during the Christmas period, I worked my way up to supervisor before Warner Bros Studio Stores in the UK were closed in 2004.

Discovery Store / Must Have I.T.

2004 – 2006
Deputy Manager

Starting as a supervisor within the Discovery Store, which then became Must Have IT, I worked my way up to Deputy Manager.

Somerfield Supermarket

2006 – 2007
Deputy Manager

Hired as the Deputy Manager and Manager of the cash office, I was responsible for accounting every penny of the 1 million pound per month that the store took. I also streamlined the computer training of staff.

British Telecom

2007 – 2008
Engineer Technical Support

Working with British Telecom while they launched their TV over IP service called BT Vision, I created training manuals for staff and provided technical support to engineers who were troubleshooting issues within customers homes.


2008 – 2011

By 2008, my online ventures and freelancing had increased and I left British Telecom to start my own business. I also began buying small businesses and products which I would flip, turning them into profitable companies. In 2011, I sold SmartMediaPro and the products it had created and moved on to other projects.

Coupon Code Elite & Business Website Dev

2011 – 2014

Coupon Code Elite was the last company we purchased. After increasing sales and visibility, I sold the business as I had already started a new business which would not be flipped, but would instead remain with us.

Watkinson Website Development

2011 – Present
Founder & Managing Director

In 2010 I had moved from the UK to the Asia where we had a support office. I started BusinessOnline.ph, providing high quality and secure websites to some of the largest celebrities and companies. Brands included names like Fila and celebrities such as Xian Lim.

In 2014, we began extending our services to other areas of  the world. We registered WatWebDev.com and launched our flagship product My Membership Plugin followed by a number of planned projects.