Chrome to highlight unencrypted connections

Chrome to highlight unencrypted connections

In an effort to push for a more secure internet, Google is planning to highlight websites that do not use encryption. They will do this in a new release of Chrome Browser, which is scheduled to be released in January 2017.

Encrypted connections use an SSL Certificate which encrypts the connection between your visitor and your website. This prevents anyone from performing a man in the middle attack where an attacker will intercept the connection and be able to pull data from it such as login credentials or anything else sent between the customer and the website.

How will it look?

Currently, an unencrypted connection looks like this within Chrome:

insecure before jan 2017 - Chrome to highlight unencrypted connections

As of January 2017, Chrome version 56 will be released and unencrypted connections will look like this:

insecure after jan 2017 - Chrome to highlight unencrypted connections

Some time after January 2017, Chrome will again change and display unencrypted connections in a more prominent way:

insecure after jan 2017 2 - Chrome to highlight unencrypted connections

This is how an encrypted connection looks:

secure - Chrome to highlight unencrypted connections


It is expected that these changes will have a negative impact for any websites that do not have an SSL Certificate. The “Not Secure” warning will cause many customers to shop elsewhere where they are secure, causing a drop in sales for any website without an SSL Certificate.

A Consumer Trust Survey conducted in 2015 found that a staggering 97% of customers would not pay via a website that did not include the secure padlock!

53% of customers said that seeing a secure padlock increased their trust in the website.

Source: CASC Consumer Survey Report 2015

Trust is a major factor when customers are deciding  their purchases.

If you do not currently have an SSL Certificate for your website, you really should consider getting one as soon as possible.

If you are a customer of ours, please contact us as we can offer a discount for our security packages, which include an SSL Certificate and increased security for your website.

What are your thoughts on these changes? Let us know in the comments below.

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