Facebook Test Mobile Search

Facebook Test Mobile Search

Facebook have been testing search features within their mobile app, which is yet to have an official roll-out date.

The search function will allow mobile users to search for a topic, which is then broken down into people, photos, pages, posts, groups, places, apps and events.

More and more people are using mobile devices with the number of desktop users dropping. It is therefore vital for social networks such as Facebook to include features within the mobile app which are already on the website version.

This could also be a push to expand the Facebook Ads to include adverts within the first few results of most searches.

The search feature has some really nice additions. For example, you can search for a restaurant that your friends like. Ideal if you are going out with your friends and want somewhere that they will like.

However, as Forbes pointed out, it is also possible to search for some pretty embarrassing things.

Screenshots of Facebook App Search Feature being tested (thanks to FacebookInsider.com):






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