Lazy Load Plugins for WordPress

Lazy Load Plugins for WordPress

Lazy Load is a method for loading objects only when they come into view. You have likely seen this on other websites that are quite image heavy. As you scroll down the page, the images load as they come into view. It is now possible to use Lazy Load for both images and videos.

Lazy Load is similar to how most computer games work, loading only the graphics for the area that the player is looking at. Funnily enough, Quantum Physics also theorizes that the universe operates in a similar way. If no one is looking at a certain object, then it does not exist. It only exists when it is being viewed. Explaining why he could not accept Quantum Mechanics, Albert Einstein said “I like to think the moon is there even if I am not looking at it”.

In this post we will test all Lazy Load plugins for WordPress for both images and videos, testing the loading speed of the page with each plugin.

We are focusing on the page size and requests that are required to initially load the page. The smaller the page size and the fewer the requests, the faster the page will load on connections of all speeds.

Lazy Load Images

We tested using two pages containing 905 words and 9 images on each page.

JPG Page: progressive, 40% quality
PNG Page: PNG24

 JPG Page SizeJPG Page RequestsPNG Page SizePNG Page Requests
Without Any Plugins248KB171300KB17
BJ Lazy Load118KB08117KB08
Image Lazy Load135KB09237KB09
jQuery lazy load plugin150KB11402KB11
Lazy Load150KB11531KB12
Rocket Lazy Load135KB09236KB09
SW Lazy Load135KB10236KB10
Unveil Lazy Load149KB10401KB10
WordPress Lazy Load150KB11401KB11
WP images lazy loading136KB10238KB10

The plugin with the smallest page size and fewest number of requests for both JPG and PNG is BJ Lazy Load. Using BJ Lazy Load, we saved 130KB (52%) on our page containing just JPGs and 1183KB (91%) on our page containing just PNGs. This is a huge saving and although it only reduces the initial load, it does mean that the page appears to load faster, which is always a positive thing for your visitors.

BJ Lazy Load JPG test - Lazy Load Plugins for WordPress
BJ Lazy Load PNG test - Lazy Load Plugins for WordPress
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