Popularly shared social content by type

Popularly shared social content by type

When writing content that you want people to share, which angle is best for your content? In a recent study conducted by Branded Asia, they looked at the Asian Pacific region and which types of content are shared most by each country. The Asian Pacific region is considered unique as it covers 16 unique countries with varying tastes. Therefore, if you can please the Asian Pacific region, you can please the rest of the world.

While some results varied, the most shared content is informative, entertaining and humorous with certain changes on a country by country basis. For example, Japan had the lowest volume of active shares while China and Hong Kong were top.

Region Total

Informative or Educational: 41%
Funny or Entertaining: 35%
Edgy or Controversial: 9%
Dramatic or Moving: 8%
Cause-related or Political: 8%

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