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Project Overview

We were hire by the parent company of Rockstar Games, Take2 Interactive, who were starting a new range of comic books and needed a simple, functional and ultra fast loading way to display their comic books online.


The main aim was to reduce the loading time of each page as much as possible so that the flow was not interrupted while the user was reading the comic.


This was achieved by using a lightweight design based on Bootstrap and using delayed lazy loading of images so that they would be loaded sequentially in the background, after the website loaded. Each image was optimized to reduce the loading speed as much as possible.


The final project included heavy caching, heavily optimized images and delivery of static items via CDN (Content Delivery Network), which helped to achieve a loading time of under 4 seconds for every page.


Project Date: December 2015
Project Type: Website Development
Client: Take2 Interactive
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Comic Book Player

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