Google Reconsideration Rejection – reviewer notes

Google Reconsideration Rejection – reviewer notes

For those who do not already know, when a website breaks the search engine guidelines, the search engine will inform the webmaster after action has been taken. The webmaster can then correct the issues and apply for reconsideration to have the action or penalty removed once the website is again within the search engines guidelines. These are usually for quality issues which include unnatural linking and webspam.

Any website owner should have their own Webmaster account with Google and Bing/Yahoo so that any notices can be viewed by the webmaster and addressed. If you already have a website with us, don’t worry as we manage all of this for you.

One of the issues that we have seen many people complain about is that the notices from Google do not cite any examples and seem to be written in an automated manner, making it harder for webmasters to identify the exact issue.

This has now been made easier with notes from the reviewer being included at the bottom of a rejection for reconsideration. This should help webmasters better understand why they have been rejected, shortening the process and helping the website to get back on its feet.

You can view a screenshot of a reconsideration rejection which includes the reviewer notes on

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