Sneak Peek: WooClick Affiliate

Sneak Peek: WooClick Affiliate

We are extremely excited to announce a new plugin for Clickbank Affiliates which is now in the final stages of being tested.

At the moment we expect the plugin, called WooClick Affiliate, to be released within the next 14 days, depending on how our final tests go. Stay tuned for more updates!

What is WooClick Affiliate?

WooClick Affiliate is an all in one tool for Clickbank Affiliates that automates the import of Clickbank products into WooCommerce, depending on the criteria that you set.

Product Search

You start by using WooClick Affiliate to search for products that match your criteria. You can import individual products, refine your search and save your search.

product search - Sneak Peek: WooClick Affiliate

When you perform a search, you can manually import products or save the search so that it can be automated.

In the image below, the first product has been manually imported, which shows a check to the right of the product.

product manual import - Sneak Peek: WooClick Affiliate

Saved Searches and Automated Imports

Saved searches can be set to automatically import all products that meet your search criteria and remove any that fall out of your search criteria.

As you can see in the saved search below, we are automatically importing any Clickbank Products that are within the Exercise & Fitness category and have a gravity of 0.5 or more, initial sale value of $20 or more and an average commission of 50% or more.

When a new product meets this criteria, that product will be automatically imported into WooCommerce. Should an existing products details change, such as the gravity dropping below 0.5, it will be removed from WooCommerce automatically. This allows you to only keep the best products within your website.

saved searches - Sneak Peek: WooClick Affiliate

Clicking on a saved search opens the search where you can alter the search criteria.

Products that match the search criteria can be seen below the search form.

product search - Sneak Peek: WooClick Affiliate


Using the Clickbank IPN, WooClick Affiliate tracks every sale that you refer and includes your earnings, sales count and number of clicks per product. This allows you to see which products are performing best and focus your efforts to locate more of the same products or promote the better performing products. As WooClick Affiliate uses the IPN, all data is in real time and you can see your earnings, sales and clicks the moment they happen.

Link Masking

All affiliate links are masked to protect your income. This also allows clicks to be counted per product, which helps to provide more stats for you.

WooClick Affiliate – Early Access

To receive early access and exclusive discounts for WooClick Affiliate, simply click on the yellow “Subscribe” button at the top of this page and join our mailing list. We will send you exclusive discount coupons when WooClick Affiliate is launched.

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