Teens leave Facebook & Cost of Reach Increases

Teens leave Facebook & Cost of Reach Increases

Reports from January 2014 show that since January 2011, 1 million teens per year are leaving Facebook, according to Mashable.com.

Although these statistics are compelling, we do not think that it suggests that 1 million teens per year are actually leaving, they are simply growing out of the age range while younger people entering the age range are not registering. This is not so much about retaining existing users, but more about attracting new users of the same age range. However, we do recognize that some users are abandoning Facebook.

As you can see in the stats below, users aged 13-17 have seen a large drop of 25% with ages 18-24 dropping just 8%. On the opposite end of the scale, users aged 55+ saw a massive increase of 80%. Source: Statista

The most compelling theory that we have heard is that younger users do not want to be on the same social network as their parents.

Also, since January 2014 until June 2014, the cost of Paid Reach on Facebook has gone from around $3 per thousand views up to over $10, effectively tripping the cost of reaching prospective clients on Facebook, according to FlightPath.com.

Is Facebook growing up at the same rate as its users and failing to attract new users? It is likely that they are well aware of the loss and this could be why they have been buying up trendy companies, websites and apps.

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