Click percentages within search results

Click percentages within search results

Search engines can be viewed as a directory of sorts, but instead of just listing businesses, search engines list all websites that they have indexed. However, the prime difference is that business directories such as the yellow pages and local business listings tend to list all businesses alphabetically. This is why you will find a lot of businesses with strange names that begin with things such as “aaa”. This is so that they are listed at the top of the business listing, bringing them more business. A few examples of companies with names of this nature are “AAA Waterproofing Systems” and “AAA Coatings and Membrane Specialist”.

Search engines on the other hand, review the content within submitted websites. This process is called “indexing”. When a user conducts a search on a search engine, the results are displayed based on the estimated relevance of each website against the search term/keyword used by the user conducting the search.

Remember that the perceived relevance that search engines give each website is not always the actual relevance of the websites content. The process of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) increases the perceived relevance of the website so that it can be displayed high within relevant search engine results. SEO experts such as ourselves know exactly what search engines need to increase their perceived relevance of your website and by providing search engines with what they need, we can increase the perceived relevance of your website which will produce a higher ranking within relevant search engine results.

Why is ranking important?

When a user conducts a search on a search engine, they are statistically more likely to click on your website, the higher that it ranks within search results. 95.8% of users on Google will click on results within the first page which displays ten results. Only 2.5% of users will click on any results on the second page, with even less users clicking on any results contained within the third page and beyond.

What does this mean for my website?

If your website is not within the first page of results for a relevant search, then you are effectively losing 95.8% of business for that search term. Over 50% of the clicks made on the first page of results are for the website that ranks first. By the time you get to the third ranked website, it is only receiving less than 10% of the clicks made on the first page of results.

An example

Lets say that you are selling Anti Virus software to users all over the world. Globally, there are 30,400,000 searches conducted every month on Google using the search term/keyword “anti virus”. On average, the first page of search results will receive 29,123,200 clicks (95.8% of total) with the website in the first position receiving approximately 14,561,600 clicks (50% of first page users).

While these are very large numbers, it is a very popular search term/keyword. Keep in mind that websites can be displayed for any number of keywords. A prime example of this would be our Travel Website which presently ranks within google results for 113,396 separate search terms/keywords. This provides with over 60,000 unique users and over 93,000 page views for May 2011 and a continued month on month growth since the day the website was launched. Page views are how many pages were viewed, while unique users are individual searchers. This gives an average of 1.55 pages viewed per user. receives almost all traffic from search engines with a whopping 81.75% of visitors coming directly from search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other global and local search engines.

Imagine, if you will, that your website on average made just $1 profit per user visiting your website. This would give you over $60,000 per month!

Which SEO service is best for me and my website?

We provide a range of SEO services designed to suit a wide variety of different needs, but we always advise customers to first consider our Custom SEO plan. This is because our Custom SEO plan provides the best possible results for the minimum cost.

Once you provide us with the details requested when ordering the Custom SEO plan, we will conduct an in depth statistical analysis of your website as well as your top ten competitors so that we can then propose a plan customized to your websites requirements and targeting a higher ranking than your biggest competitors for high yield search terms / keywords.

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