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In today’s technology driven world, all businesses need a website. More and more people each day are connecting to the internet and searching for businesses just like yours. If you do not have a website, you are losing business.Beat your competitors and impress your customers with our beautifully designed, modern, ultra fast, high performance and highly secure websites. They’re also affordable, providing you with excellent value for money.

We provide highly professional websites with the highest quality hosting and our prices are guaranteed to be lower than our competitors! Your business and your customers deserve the best.

Our Guarantee

If you find a website package of the same quality or higher for a lower price within 1 year, we will refund the difference


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What’s Included?

The following items are included with all packages
beautiful design - Website Development

Beautiful Design

Designed to attract your visitors attention and styled to reflect existing company branding, our beautiful websites are sure to satisfy the needs of your business and customers.

As more and more customers are using tablets and phones, our websites are designed to look fantastic on all devices.

Ultra Easy

No technical knowhow needed at all! Our websites use a simple interface that resembles a word processor, simply add the page title, the content of the page and publish.

Formatting is as easy as clicking your mouse.

ultra easy 2 - Website Development
fully managed - Website Development

Fully Managed

Our team of experts manage all aspects of your website so you don’t have to. Your website is monitored every 60 seconds to ensure it is online and reporting no errors.

All coding we use for your website is updated every week to ensure you are using the latest, fastest and most secure items available.

High Performance

Your website is hosted on our high performance server. This guarantees that your customers experience no delay when loading your website. The speed that a website takes to load directly reflects upon the happiness of your customers and the volume of items that they purchase.

Our server uses a whopping 24 processors, 16 GB of RAM, SSD (Solid State) hard drives, backup networks and 3 Direct Connections to internet backbones.

high performance - Website Development
industry leading security - Website Development

Industry Leading Security

All our customers benefit from our industry leading security which includes Anti-Virus protection, Anti-Malware protection, automated blocking based on behaviour, blocking known bad players and brute force login protection.

You and your customers deserve the best possible protection. Our levels of security are unparalleled.

Search Engine Management

To give your website the best possible opportunities, we submit it to all major search engines and update them as soon as you publish new content. Your website will begin to display within relevant search results, helping you to attract new customers and increase your exposure and sales. We will also monitor all major search engines to ensure they do not report any issues that they find with your website.

search engines - Website Development
247 support - Website Development

24/7 Support

Our team of experts are on hand 24 hours a day, every single day of the year including public holidays such as Christmas and New Year! Whatever your query may be, our support team is on hand to assist you via our ticketed support system or e-mail.


We provide a wide range of packages to suit almost all businesses
static websites - Website Development

Static Website

A basic website consisting of a contact form and 10 other pages. Ideal for small businesses who need a basic online presence.

Delivery: 3-5 days

From $249
Included Items:
  • 10 Pages
  • Contact Form
  • 10 e-mail Addresses
dynamic website - Website Development

Dynamic Website

Designed for businesses on the go, you can add new posts and pages whenever you like. Our Dynamic Websites are Web 2.0, meaning visitors can leave a comment on your posts, allowing for greater interactivity between your business and customers.

Adding new posts and pages is as easy as clicking your mouse.

Delivery: 5-7 days

From $499
Included Items:
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Contact Forms
  • 20 e-mail Addresses
social pro - Website Development

Social Pro Add-on

Build your audience and expand your social horizons with our Social Pro Add-on.

Automated Social Posting

When you publish new posts on your website, they are automatically sent to all your social networks. No longer do you need to struggle managing multiple social networks.

You can now automatically publish content to the following social networks:

Social Login

Allow your visitors to interact with your website by logging in with their social account. An account is automatically created for the visitor, saving their name and email address. This helps you to build up your database of users which you can email whenever you have news, updates, sales or anything else.

Visitors can login using any of the following:

User Registration

Visitors can also register for an account without using a social network. Some users may not have a social network or may not want to use the social network to login. The visitor simply enters their name & email address and your website automatically emails them their login details.

Delivery: 5-7 days

From $89
e commerce add on - Website Development

e-Commerce Add-on

Start selling online with our e-commerce add-on. Create unlimited products and categories with fully automated stock control, customer management, discount coupons, scheduled sales and shipping calculations.

Customers can pay using a range of online and offline payment methods such as Paypal, Google Wallet and, all of whom accept bank transfers and card payments. Offline payment methods include bank deposit, check, cash on delivery or any other offline payment method you can think of.

When you ship the product, your customers can track the delivery status via your website for most major shipping companies around the world.

Delivery: 5-7 days

From $89

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