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What is WooClick Affiliate?

WooClick Affiliate is an all in one WordPress Clickbank Plugin for Affiliates which automates the import of Clickbank products and management of your products based on your pre-set criteria.


Using WooClick Affiliate, you can search for products that you would like to display on your website and can import products manually, or save your product search so that you can automate the import of any products that match your search criteria. This allows you to sit back and relax while WooClick Affiliate endlessly searches for new products that are ideal for you and your website. No more hunting for new products to display, let WooClick Affiliate do it all for you!


14 day money back guarantee

Immediate Download

24/7 Technical Support

  • Standard

  • $79per year
    • 1 Website License Key
    • 24/7 Ticketed Support
    • 24 Hours Average Response Time

  • Premium

  • $129per year
    • 1 Website License Key
    • 24/7 Ticketed Support
    • 24/7 Live Support
    • 12 Hours Average Response Time

  • Premium Gold

  • $229per year
    • 1 Website License Key
    • 24/7 Ticketed Support
    • 24/7 Live Support
    • Skype / Hangouts Support
    • Dedicated Support Agent
    • Premium Installation Service
    • 6 Hours Average Response Time


Clickbank Product Search

Product Search


Search for new and unique products on Clickbank using:


Keywords to include
Keywords to exclude
Product Category
Initial Payout per Sale
Average Payout per Sale
Average Rebill Total
Average Percentage per Sale
Average Percentage per Rebill

Import Products


After searching, you can import products into WooCommerce one by one or in bulk, which can be saved as drafts or automatically published.


Imported products are added to the same category that are used on Clickbank. This helps to keep your categories relevant and your products tidy.
Import Clickbank products to WooCommerce
Protected Clickbank Hoplinks

Saved Searches


When searching for new Clickbank products with WooClick Affiliate, you can save your searches so you can come back to them later and import more products.

Automatic Import


After saving a search, you can enable the automation feature. This is a very powerful feature as it makes your website work for you, constantly searching for new products that meet your criteria and importing them, as well as removing any products that no longer meet your criteria.


If your automated search is for a gravity of 0.5 with an initial payment of $10 in the software category, only products that meet that criteria will be imported. But also, if a product loses popularity and its gravity falls below 0.5, the product will be removed from your website.
Automatic Clickbank Product Import
Real-time Affiliate Statistics

Real-time Statistics


Each click and sale is tracked, allowing you to see how well your imported Clickbank products are performing and focus on the products that are giving you the best return.


Statistics are displayed in real time as they are logged by WooClick Affiliate and does not rely on data from Clickbank.

Protected Hoplinks


The hoplinks used to take the customer to the product description are masked so that your affiliate ID is protected and removes the possibility for customers to bypass your affiliate ID and cause you to lose income.
Protected Clickbank Hoplinks


Clickbank Product Search
Import Clickbank Products to WooCommerce
Automatic Clickbank Product Import
Protected Clickbank Hoplinks
Real-time Affiliate Statistics
Saved Clickbank Affiliate Searches