Submit Products to Clickbank

This guide will take you through the process of submitting a WooCommerce product to Clickbank.

WooClick vendor includes a handy checklist to ensure that you have completed all tasks that Clickbank requires and then obtains some extra information that is used for your product on Clickbank.

So lets dive right in and start by adding a new product to WooCommerce. Visit Products >> Add Product from your admin menu.

Add a title, description, category etc as you normally would with a product.

Step 1 – Digital, Virtual or Physical?

Is your product a digital product or a physical product that you will ship to the buyer?

If it is a digital product, tick Virtual and Downloadble.

If it is a Virtual product (such as Membership, Sensei/Learndash Traning course or another type of virtual product), tick Virtual and then add the correct settings for the membership plan or training course.

If it is a physical product, do not tick these boxes. These options will change the options available to you later in the process as Clickbank requires different information for digital and physical products.

1 Product Type - Submit Products to Clickbank

Step 2 – How Much?

Add the product price.

2 Product price - Submit Products to Clickbank

Step 3 – Download

If your product has a download, add it now. This is the download that will be shown on the thank you page.

3 Product Download - Submit Products to Clickbank

Step 4 – Checklist

We have included a checklist of all the items that Clickbank require. This helpful checklist ensures that you will never forget an item again.

4 Clickbank Checklist - Submit Products to Clickbank

Step 5 – Clickbank Options

Clickbank need some extra information about your product. Provide each piece of information required.

5 Extra Options - Submit Products to Clickbank

Step 6 – Custom Thank You Page

As well as having a default Thank You Page within WooClick >> Clickbank >> Settings, WooClick also allows you to have a custom Thank You Page for each product. The default Thank You Page content will be loaded automatically and you can edit it to suit your product.

6 Custom Thank You Page - Submit Products to Clickbank

Step 7 – Submit Product to Clickbank

When you are ready, publish your product and click on the Submit to Clickbank button. WooClick will connect to Clickbank and submit your product.

7 Submit to Clickbank - Submit Products to Clickbank

Your product will save and reload, displaying submission confirmation at the top of the page.

8 Submission Confirmation - Submit Products to Clickbank

If you check Clickbank, you will see your product listed and ready to go.

9 Submitted Product on Clickbank - Submit Products to Clickbank

Your product is now on Clickbank, the buy now link within your product will link to clickbank. If you have enabled Clickbank Cart, the product will not link directly to Clickbank and will instead use an add to cart button. It is ready to sell and make you some money!

Below is a full view of the product page including all the step numbers from above. Click on the image to view the full size image.

product description options 352x1024 - Submit Products to Clickbank