WooClick prepares to launch

WooClick prepares to launch

We are in the final stages of testing our latest plugin WooClick, a WooCommerce Clickbank plugin.

Within this post, I will cover the main features and provide a sneak peek into the latest developments.

Import Clickbank Products into WooCommerce

WooClick connects to Clickbank and can import products from clickbank and add them to WooCommerce. Click on fetch and available products are displayed in a list. Tick the products you would like to import and click import. The products are imported into WooCommerce.

Import Products 2 Select Products thumb - WooClick prepares to launch
Import Clickbank Products 2 - WooClick prepares to launch

Submit Products to Clickbank

When adding a product to WooCommerce that you would like to submit to Clickbank, WooClick provides a neat checklist to ensure you remember all requirements and then gathers remaining information required by clickbank.

A custom thank you page is provided for each product so that you can alter the thank you page to be specific to that product. Default content is used to ensure the test required by Clickbank is included.

When you’re ready, hit the submit to Clickbank button and it will be submitted for review.

submit product - WooClick prepares to launch
Submit products to clickbank - WooClick prepares to launch

Fully Automated Sales Process

WooClick fully manages the sales and delivery process ensuring that your products are secure and all customers are given an immediate download after their payment has been completed.

The customer visits your WooCommerce product description, clicks on buy now and is sent straight to Clickbank to complete their payment. Clickbank confirm their payment via IPN and WooClick marks the order as paid within WooCommerce. WooClick fires the Clickbank API and obtains the customers details so that an account can be created containing their order.

When the customer visits the thank you page, they are immediately logged in and presented with the full thank you page and download link.

Automated Sales Process 1 - WooClick prepares to launch
Automated Sales Process 2 - WooClick prepares to launch
Automated Sales Process 3 - WooClick prepares to launch
Automated Sales Process 4 - WooClick prepares to launch
Automated Sales Process 5 - WooClick prepares to launch

Full Reporting

All Clickbank sales are added to WooCommerce reports, allowing you to quickly see your sales on the dashboard and within the full, in depth reports..

Reports 1 - WooClick prepares to launch
Reports 2 - WooClick prepares to launch

WooClick is scheduled to be launched on Friday June 12th, 2015. View the full description and signup for exclusive early discounts.

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