WooClick v1.0 Released

WooClick v1.0 Released

We have just released version 1.0 of WooClick.

This includes a number of updates and fixes to further improve WooClick and add a better filter for the IPN.

If you are an existing customer, please check your email or login to our client area and download the latest version from the downloads section of your product.

WooClick v1.0 Changelog

Modified Product Checklist to include increased logic, hiding child items when the parent item is not selected.

Added filter to IPN so that only sales made via your website are processed.

Added tax notice to customer and admin emails stating that the customer should refer to their clickbank receipt for details of the tax charged.

Added install procedure for new installs which will take the admin through each page to ensure all details are added.

Added ability to have more than one download presented by the download shortcode.

Added debug option which will print out the full response from Clickbank when submitting a product, allowing us to know the exact reason if a product is refused by the API.

Added Clickbank Shipping for physical products which requests the name of the shipping profile and price.

Modified digital product to be triggered by the “Virtual Product” option in WooCommerce instead of the “Downloadable” option as digital products (such as membership) may not have a downloadable component.

Updated thank you page to display a message when visited without making a purchase.

Changed submit to Clickbank so that it only submits when the submit button is clicked and not when the product is published.

Changed imported products to draft, allowing you to work on them prior to publishing them.

Fixed bug which prevented full import of users account details and postal address for physical products.

Fixed big which prevented the correct value from displaying within WooCommerce reports.

Fixed big which caused the thank you content text box within products to be too small.

Fixed bug which prevented some recurring products from being successfully submitted to Clickbank due to some options.

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