WooClick Vendor v3.0 – Major Release

WooClick Vendor v3.0 – Major Release

If you have been keeping up with our latest news, you will know that we are planning some major releases as well as updating our existing plugin WooClick. If you are not up to date, make sure you subscribe using the button above.

After releasing WooClick v2.3, which contained mostly minor bug fixes, we moved on to much larger updates.

WooClick is now WooClick Vendor

We are re-branding WooClick as WooClick Vendor. This is not just a name change, but is in preparation for a new plugin we are working on called WooClick Affiliate (more on that in a later post). We have started changing some mentions within our website. Expect to see v3.0 fully branded as WooClick Affiliate.

What to expect in WooClick Vendor v3.0

Our best developers have been feverishly working on a range of updates for WooClick Vendor v3.0.

Huge IPN Update

The most exciting of these is a complete reworking of the coding that handles IPN. As we added more features, the coding became quite large. The IPN coding alone totaled over 1000 lines of code. Our developer decided to amalgamate and compress the code as much as possible. This resulted in the code being reduced from over 1000 lines to under 200 lines and will mean that the IPN operates much faster (although speed was never an issue, an increase is always welcome).

Re-worked Subscriptions

We have added some serious updates to the way that subscriptions are managed. This will fix a few issues as well as making the entire process much more fluid. When a customer signs up for a subscription based product, their next due date is set and if a payment is not received, the product will automatically be set to incomplete. This in turn will trigger extensions (such as Sensei, Membership, LearnDash, etc).

Subscription payments will be added to the original order, but will show within WooCommerce Reports based on the date that they are received.

Clickbank Cart

Probably one of our most requested features is the addition of Clickbank Cart within WooClick Vendor. Many of our customers sell more than one product and as soon as Clickbank announced a cart feature, we began preparing to add cart to WooClick Vendor, as soon as Clickbank stabilized their newly released cart.

WooClick Vendor v3.0 will include full integration with the Clickbank Cart.

WooClick Affiliate?

Above, we mentioned that we changed the name of WooClick to WooClick Vendor due to a planned release of WooClick Affiliate. So, what is WooClick Affiliate?

WooClick Affiliate is a WordPress/WooCommerce Plugin that will allow affiliates to search the Clickbank Marketplace for products, save searches and automate the import of products into your website. This will allow you to save a search including a category and set the minimum gravity, commission, average payout (and more) and automate the import of every single product that meets your search requirements.

This groundbreaking method will allow affiliates to set their base requirements and automate the import of every product that exists that meets their requirement.


We have also re-worked our affiliate page and process, allowing the option to use Clickbank or our own affiliate system. If you’re an affiliate, check out our affiliate page.


We have been working around the clock as we work on WooClick Vendor v3.0, WooClick Affiliate, WooToolbelt and 3 other plugins that are yet to be announced. Our current schedule has 2 releases within a week and 3 releases within 1-2 months (subject to testing).

While we make every effort to ensure that our developers get enough rest, myself and my business partner rarely get enough sleep. For the last 3 months, we have been working an average of 16 hours per day as we created specs for each plugin and meticulously tested every update.


We recently extended our support team so that we could provide around the clock support and provide a guaranteed response time of 12 hours, which we expect to reduce to 6 hours within a few months.

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