WooClick Vendor V3.1 Release

WooClick Vendor V3.1 Release

Following on from the updates released in WooClick Vendor v3.0, we have now released v3.1 which includes a number of bug fixes and PitchPlus Upsell Flow.

New Feature

PitchPlus Upsell Flow

We have added shortcodes and functionality to allow you to hook into the Clickbank PitchPlus Upsell Flow. This allows you to create offers that customers will be sent to when they purchase a selected product from you.

You can read more about PitchPlus Upsell Flow on Clickbank.com.

As always, if you have any issues or need assistance configuring your PitchPlus Upsell Flow, our staff are on hand to assist in any way that they can.


Buy Now Button

Some themes were causing the buy now button to show twice. This was fixed and uses the default WooCommerce holder for the button location to prevent double buttons.

Payment Type

When submitting a product to Clickbank, the payment type was locked. It has been unlocked so that the product can be edited and re-submitted if needed.


The username of the customer was their email address. This has been changed to prevent any possible email harvesting for websites who have forums or usernames displayed. WooClick Vendor automatically creates the username from the email, stopping at the @ symbol.


When importing a product from Clickbank into WooCommerce, WooClick Vendor checks to see if that product already exists, if it does, then the details from Clickbank are used to update the product within WooCommerce. Previously, this caused some product details such as the description to be overwritten. WooClick Vendor has been updated so that it does not overwrite details that are not provided by Clickbank.


With some themes, we noticed that the items a customer added to the cart (when using Clickbank Cart) were not removed after purchase was completed. This has been fixed and purchased items are now properly removed from the cart.

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