WooToolbelt launched on WordPress.org

WooToolbelt launched on WordPress.org

We have launched our latest plugin WooToolbelt on WordPress.org and it is ready for download.

WooToolbelt includes a wide range of tweaks and customizations for WooCommerce to make managing your shop a lot easier.

Download WooToolbelt now, it’s FREE!

The features included are:

Cart Redirect

Select where you would like to redirect customers after they have added an item to the cart. This can be the checkout, cart or another url of your choice. Ideal for upselling customers by redirecting them to a page where you offer a discount for a second product.

Button Text

Change the text displayed on your buy now buttons. This includes the buttons within descriptions and the buttons displayed elsewhere.

Cart Total (in menu)

Display the current cart total within your menu, allowing customers to click on it to visit the cart.

Disable Related Products

Hide related products from the bottom of a product description.

Display Ordered Items

Each order displays the items included in the order within a new column on the WooCommerce Orders page.

Unlink Product Image

Removes the link used for some product images outside the product description.

More features coming soon

We are working on a new release which will include a function for email subscriptions based on which product the customer ordered.

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