WooToolbelt Support

WooToolbelt contains a range of simple options to help tweak your WooCommerce store. In this guide, we will go through each feature and explain every option in detail.

Should you have any questions, please contact our support team.

Cart Redirect

WooCommerce Cart Redirect - WooToolbelt Support

Cart redirect allows you to send customers to a location when they add something to the cart.


The available options are:


Send customer straight to the cart.

WooCommerce Cart Redirect cart - WooToolbelt Support


Bypass the cart and send customers straight to the checkout.

WooCommerce Cart Redirect checkout - WooToolbelt Support

Other URL

Send customers to any URL that you like. This can be used to offer customers a discount for another product or anything else that you can think of.

WooCommerce Cart Redirect other url - WooToolbelt Support

Button Text

WooCommerce Button Text - WooToolbelt Support

WooCommerce uses two buttons, one for the product description and one for other locations such as categories, shop page and elsewhere.


The available options are:

Product Description Buy Now Button

This is the text that is displayed on the buy now button within product descriptions.

WooCommerce Button Text description - WooToolbelt Support

Other Buy Now Buttons

This is the text displayed on all other buy now buttons.

WooCommerce Button Text other - WooToolbelt Support

Button within product description

WooCommerce Button Text frontend description - WooToolbelt Support

Buttons within other areas

WooCommerce Button Text frontend shop - WooToolbelt Support

Cart Total (in menu)

WooCommerce Cart Total in Menu - WooToolbelt Support

Activating this item will add the cart total to your menu.

WooCommerce Cart Total in Menu frontend - WooToolbelt Support

Disable Related Products

WooCommerce Disable Related Products - WooToolbelt Support

Activating this item will remove related products from within your product description. Please note that some themes do not display related products by default.

Display Ordered Items

WooCommerce Display Ordered Items - WooToolbelt Support

Activating this item will display a column within the WooCommerce Orders which will display the items included within each order.

WooCommerce Display Ordered Items orders - WooToolbelt Support

Unlink Product Image

WooCommerce Unlink Product Image - WooToolbelt Support

Activating this item will unlink the product image. Some themes link the product image to the product or to its self.