WooToolbelt is a free plugin, available on WordPress.org. Wootoolbelt is an amalgamation of many tweaks that we needed on some of our clients websites to alter various aspects of WooCommerce.


Each function only loads the required coding after it has been activated. This ensures the minimum possible overhead.



Tested with WooCommerce 2.6.13

Tested with WordPress 4.7.2


Release Date: 9th September 2016
Latest Version: 0.5
Last Update: 17th September 2016

WooToolbelt Features

1 cart redirect - WooToolbelt

Cart Redirect

Do you want to send your customers to a specific page when they add a product to the checkout?


Using this feature, you can bypass the usual procedure and send the customer to the cart, checkout or any other URL that you like. This is very useful if you want to offer an upgrade, upsell or simply bypass the cart and go straight to the checkout.

Button Text

WooCommerce uses two buttons, one is displayed on the product description and the other is displayed elsewhere, such as within categories, front page and other locations where products are displayed.


WooToolbelt lets you change the text displayed on these buttons to anything that you like.

2 button text example - WooToolbelt

3 cart total in menu example - WooToolbelt

Cart Total (in menu)

The total for the cart is displayed within the menu of your website. When a customer adds items to the cart, the total will be displayed within the menu.


Customers can view their total and click to view the cart and complete the order.

Disable Related Products

Some themes like to display related products under product descriptions and elsewhere.


Enable this function to remove related products. This function may differ from theme to theme.

4 disable related products - WooToolbelt

5 display ordered items example - WooToolbelt

Display Ordered Items

When you view the orders that customers have made within WooCommerce, you need to click on each item to view the product that they ordered.


Enable this function and a new column is created that clearly displays the products ordered within the WooCommerce order page. Easily see at a glance which products have been ordered.

Unlink Product Image

Some themes link the product image to odd locations such as the add to cart link or elsewhere.


Enable this function to remove the product image link. This function may differ from theme to theme.

6 unlink product image - WooToolbelt