YouTube Remove Subscribers

YouTube Remove Subscribers

In an attempt to clean up subscriber numbers and make them more accurate, YouTube announced on June 16th that it would remove subscribers who had suspended accounts.

I am unsure why this is not done on a regular basis such as every month. While the actions may help create a clearer picture of actual subscribers, some YouTube publishers are unhappy as it may seem to users that people unsubscribed from the channel.

These changes were rolled out on June 16th 2014, so you may have noticed a change in your subscribers. You can view subscription statistics by logging into your youtube account, click on the gear cog and then analytics.

On the menu to the left, you will find subscribers which will load a graph showing the subscribers you gained and lost.

Any subscribers lost due to suspended or closed accounts should be detailed under the graph. As you can see from the graph below showing the lost subscribers, we lost 7 due to closed accounts. The first happened on June 16th where we lost 4 and the second happened on June 18th. I assume YouTube were rolling out the changes in batches.

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